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Smart Pour Electric Wine Decanter & Dispenser

Smart Pour Electric Wine Decanter & Dispenser

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Our electric wine dispenser is also a decanter! Store and serve wine and allow the wine to breathe. Oxygenate while keeping your wine fresh as the dispenser lid seals yours wine bottle, locking in freshness! With the dispenser's universal fit for all wine bottle-types, the lid can easily be attached or detached for convenience.

With a simple push of a button, perfectly aerated wine is delivered straight to your glass. The smart pour electric wine decanter and dispenser softens tannins and enriches your wine for an enhanced color and taste. It's portable, rechargeable, and easy to use. Just press to pour. Drink to savor. Dwell in the happiness of wine as it should be. This is an absolute must for wine enthusiasts and one of the most appreciated gifts for wine lovers.


- Easy to use one-touch pouring wine function with high technology senses
- Oxygenated, red light and magnetic wine aerating 
- Fresh aroma when pouring wine

- Enhanced rich taste 
- Airtight rubber seal so your wines remain fresh while you drink
- USB data cable and built-in lithium battery  
- Portable and convenient

- Elegant design

- Material: ABS+food silicone
- Tube size: 11 inch and 14 inch
- Red wine aerator weight: 325g
- Red wine aerator size: 6.5*4.5*2.35 inch
- Battery specification: lithium battery 18650, 3.7V
- Charging time: 3-4 hours. After fully charged, it can satisfy about 80-100 bottles of 750ml red wine

Box contents:
(1) Electronic wine aerator/decanter head piece
(2) Aerator tubes (food grade)
(1) USB charging cable 
(1) Travel bag for portable use and storage

Instructions for use:
Connect the test tube to the aerator head, then put it in the bottle and press the button to activate.  When the wine is inflated, the LED screen will turn red and pour the wine into the glass. Press the button again to stop.

Cleaning instructions:
Clean the inside of the aerator head with a clean cloth or wet towel and connect the wine aerator tube. Place the end of the tube in clean water and activate the wine dispenser. Allow the dispenser to flush itself out by pumping water multiple times until the water becomes clear.


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