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Anti-Theft Faraday Safety Box

Anti-Theft Faraday Safety Box

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How would you feel if your car was stolen while you sleep? A car is now stolen every two minutes and this anti-theft faraday safety box will prevent keyless car key theft. Thieves are able to amplify your keyless car signal remotely by using a signal booster device while you sleep. Our premium car theft prevention box is lined with a high-quality material that stops any signal leaving the box. Simply placing your keys into the closed faraday box will prevent your car key signal from being accessible by thieves and therefore, protecting your car at all times.

Our faraday safety box is stylish and practical and is internally lined with a high-density faraday fabric for a premium RF blocking shield. The double-layer carbon fiber PU material can firmly block the signal and ensure signal isolation. This stylish and sophisticated box will fit well in any area of your home, adding a prestigious and elegant feel to it. The classy lock closure design is convenient to open and close. Store multiple keys and spare keys in one place to protect them all. Even store the keys of your entire family so they are not unprotected. Now, with this safety box you can store all keys in one safe place. Store up to four sets of car keys in the box, which can include key rings, door keys, and even mobile phones. Prevent your car security system from being hacked! Stop keyless car, phone hacking and credit card theft now.

Type: Faraday Box
Color: Black with red stitching
Key box Size: 4.5 x 3.5 x 2.4 in

Package includes:
1 x Faraday RFID blocking, anti-theft car key box

The faraday safety box must be 100% closed to block the signal.


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